Club 90 Hawaii

10/14/2020 10/18/2020


We look forward to welcoming you to Club 90 on the beautiful beaches of O'ahu Hawaii! This site includes all the details you need to be prepared for the experience of a lifetime!

Upon qualification you will receive an emailed invtation inviting you to register your attendance. Please note that this is first come first serve, so respond quickly to confirm your place! or 


As a Club 90 attendee, your travel package includes the following for you and one additional guest 

  • Round Trip Transfers from HNL to the Resort and back on the program dates only 
  • 4 Night Stay at the host resort in O'ahu, HI 
  • Club 90 Welcome Party
  • Club 90 Closing Party 
  • Club 90 Group Activity
  • Club 90 Swag
  • Some Food & Beverage*

*Please note there are some exceptions to the Transfers and Food & Beverage. For further details please review the FAQ page

All flight costs are the responsibility of the attendee

Deadlines & Policies


  • June 1, 2020 - Qualifications Begin
  • June 4, 2020 - Registration Begins
  • August 31, 2020 - Qualifications End
  • September 10th 2020 - Registration Ends
  • October 14th -Club 90 Begins!  


Upon Qualification you will recive an email invititaion to register. Please do so ASAP to confirm your spot.



Why can’t I reach out to the hotel directly to coordinate extra attendees/extensions/kids or work through a Travel Agent/Website? Why does this have to happen through Truvy?

Truvy holds the contracting with the resort for any and all attending the program. In order to maintain the pricing and exclusivity of the contract, the resort will not make any changes for attendees who are part of the Club 90 program unless its through a representative listed on the contracting from the events department at Truvy.

This is actually GREAT for attendees, as you get to take advantage of the lower prices offered as a part of the master contract, and don’t have to worry about any of the logistics.

Please note that if somehow you are able to book over the phone or online with the resort, they will be unable to honor any arrangements made upon your arrival into O'ahu as you are a part of the Club 90 contract. This includes any 3rd party sellers, travel agencies, or anyone other than a corporate representitive from Truvy.  For that reason, it is imperative that your arrangements be made through our staff. There are no exceptions.

If you have ANY questions, or you don’t see the options listed that you would like, please reach out to Summer at and she will track down the details for you.

What if I want to come in earlier or stay later? Or upgrade my room?

Pre & Post extensions are listed as an option in the registration, as are room upgrades. You can simply select these at the time of registration, and they will be confirmed to you once confirmed with the hotel. If there is an issue with your request, events will work with you directly.

Can I bring my children?

It is highly recommended that children do not attend Club 90. Please note that while the Buy In Option for a Children’s package includes offerings from the Resort, no children will be permitted to Club 90 specific functions/events during the stay.

 What if I want to bring another guest to stay in my room?

Certain room categories include options for 3rd and 4th guests. If this is your specific situation, please reach out to and we will assist you in facilitating your request.

What happens after I register?

Upon completion of registration, an events team member will review your details and confirm any information necessary. From there, you will receive Trip Documents in late September that include a detailed agenda, travel tips, transfer information, dress code, and other trip details! You will receive your Trip Documents via email between September 22nd & 26th.

What is the last day to register? 

You have until September 10th to register for Club 90.  


Do I need a passport?

US Citizens will not need a passort to visit Hawaii. Citizens from outside of the US will need a current passport to get into the state. Please review the passport requirements to ensure your passport is current and acceptable upon arrival into Honolulu. 

 What Airport do I fly in to?

We suggest flying into Honolulu International Airport in Honolulu (HNL). 

What is a Transfer/How do I get to the resort from the Airport?

Transfers” refer to how you are getting from the airport to the hotel, and back again at the conclusion of the program. Your Transfers are covered by Truvy as a part of your package as long as you are arriving and departing on the main program dates of October 14th and October 18th, AND if you submit your flight details  prior to September 20th.

If you are buying in/extending your trip, the additional transfer fees are included your package price UNLESS you are attending Single Occupancy. Please note their could be addtional fees for a 1 person transfer.

Why do I have to provide a Debit/Credit card at check in if Truvy is paying for my package?

Its standard practice for hotels/resorts to collect a debit or credit card for “incidental” costs. Incidental costs are costs that are not included in the standard rate but could be added including onsite purchases including resort credit fees or damage done to the property. Credit card users will see a hold on their card dependent on the number of nights they are staying at the resort, which is released upon check out if no purchases were made or damage done. Debit card users will also see a hold on funds, and its traditionally more than a credit card user. We highly recommend using a credit card as your on-file card for incidentals. Rest assured, Truvy has covered your package costs and you will not be charged for those onsite.

What if my flight comes in before the guaranteed Check In time at the hotel?

Check in is guaranteed after 3 pm. If you arrive to the resort prior to this time, the staff will do everything possible to get you into a room if available. If a room is not yet available, you will be able leave your bags with the bell staff and take full advantage of all the resort amenities. When your room is ready you will be notified, and your bags will be delivered. 


  • 12:05 AM
    to 2:05 AM
    Registration Area
  • 6:30 PM
    to 8:30 PM
    Opening Evening Event
    Opening Evening Event
    Main Hall
  • 12:00 AM
    to 11:50 PM
    Day at Leisure
    Day at Leisure
    Main Hall
  • 12:05 AM
    to 11:55 PM
    Day at Leisure
    Day at Leisure
  • 12:05 AM
    to 1:05 AM
    Group Excursion Day
    Group Excursion Day
  • 12:05 AM
    to 11:55 PM
    Day at Leisure
    Day at Leisure
  • 6:00 PM
    to 7:00 PM
    Closing Evening Event
    Closing Evening Event
  • 12:05 AM
    to 10:00 AM
    Departure Day
    Departure Day